I am a Northern Virginia based Video Producer and Team Tournament Angler competing in Fishers of Men Maryland events with Thomas Harden.

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feb 7-8, 2020
Cabela's Big Bass Tour
8th Friday 9-10 4.93LB

may 30, 2020
FOMNTT upper bay

6th Place

JUNE 6, 2020

11th place

JUNE 27, 2020
FOMNTT JAmes River

July 11, 2020


Notable results

2018 - 2nd Place Overall in Fishers of Men Maryland Division

Fishers of Men National Team Tournament

November 16-17, 2018

Lake Okeechobee 

4th Place - 20.76 LBS

Day 1 Big fish - 4.89


Fishers of Men National Team Tournament

July 14, 2018

Upper bay 

2nd Place - 18.30 LBS

Fishers of Men National Team Tournament

May 19, 2018

Potomac River 

2nd Place - 17.70 LBS

Fishers of Men National Team Tournament

March 31, 2018

Potomac River 

1st Place - 21.46 LBS


We got 2nd Place on the Upper Bay in July!  Fun day culling fish and felt good to bounce back on the Bay!

Here's our Winning Day on the Potomac River back in March!  I will never forget this day of fishing!


Upper bay


Occoquan reseRvoir

2017 fishing

Recap of 2017

2017 has been a good year. I had the opportunity to fish new water all over Virginia and North Carolina with my Team Tournament Partner Thomas Harden. We have placed in both Fisher of Men Team Tournament Trails and Potomac Teams.

In July 2017, I attended iCAST in Orlando where I helped out the ASMAK bait company, assisted with the @iCASTshow instagram live content and gave a live tank demo for ASMAK.

2017 top 10 finishes

2nd Place - Fishers of Men Team Tournament
Maryland Division - Potomac River 5-13-17

10th Place - Potomac Teams
Potomac River - 6-10-17

6th Place - Fishers of Men Team Tournament
VA West Division - Leesville Lake - 6-17-17


experience on the water

Fishing has always been a passion of mine. 
My father was in the Coast Guard so I always grew up near water.  When I was 7 years old, we moved to a lake house where I caught my first largemouth bass.  Since then, I've been addicted.

Over the years, I have learned how to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass all across the country.  Each one of these regions allowed me to focus on different styles of fishing and have made me a more versatile angler.

Follow my journey as I share my stories and fish local tournaments like the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail, Potomac Teams and Fountainhead Bass Club Tournaments!

Home Water: Lower Potomac (Northern Virginia)

2017 Team Tournaments: Potomac River, Smith Mountain Lake, Leesville Lake, Claytor Lake, Falls Lake, Occoquan Reservoir

Water Fished: California Delta, Lake Anna, Burke
Lake, Shenandoah River, Lake Chabot, Donner Lake, Russian River, Prosser Creek Reservoir, Lake Del Valle, Shadow Cliffs Regional, Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Clear Lake

Thomas Harden & I took 2nd Place in the Fishers Of Men Maryland Division on the Potomac River

fishing from the back of the boat...

"NEVer give up!"

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