Say Something Sweepstakes!

Show us what you and your students have to say with our Say Something Sweepstakes, where you can enter for the chance to paint a mural with Peter H. Reynolds at your school!
To enter, submit a photo or short video showing how your students "say something!" to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #saysomethingsweepstakes and tag Scholastic (@scholasticinc on Instagram, @scholastic on Twitter). Your students could fill in the below speech bubbles, make a giant poster as a class, or any other ideas you might come up with! 
You can upload entries directly to this site by clicking "Enter Now" in the middle of the page. All entries are due at 11:59pm on April 30th. Good luck!
Click here for full rules. 
 This speech bubble template is a great way to help your students "Say Something!" Download and print a copy for each student and have them write a message that's important to them. Then, submit photos of their work as a sweepstakes entry! 
Here are some ideas to spark discussion before starting this activity:
  • What is your message for others? 
  • What do you feel hopeful about? 
  • What are you grateful for?
  • What would like to change in your classroom, in your life, or in the world?
  • What is a world that is special to you?

More Downloadables!

Click here for a discussion guide for three of Peter H. Reynolds' bestselling picture books—Happy Dreamer, The Word Collector and Say Something, full of great lesson plans and classroom ideas!
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